Who We Are

Our program offers free assistance to residents and businesses who want to enhance the safety and comfort of their homes or workplaces while also reducing their energy consumption and cutting down on energy expenses.

With the help of Energy Advisors from Cornell Cooperative Extension and Sustainable Westchester, we support and guide people in the Mid-Hudson Valley to make informed energy choices and carry out energy-saving projects. Our approach is based on building trust and meeting people where they are to provide valuable advice and support. Our program covers the seven counties in the Mid-Hudson Region.

Our Energy Advisors are available to assist and support you in making your home safer, more comfortable, and cost-efficient by leveraging energy programs and initiatives. With our expert guidance, you can access valuable resources, tools, and programs offered in your community that can help you reduce your energy bills and enhance your home's overall comfort level.

We provide complimentary, individual consultations to review your energy alternatives.

This program is available to all residents, including households with limited financial means who are burdened by high energy costs, as well as multifamily building owners, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.


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